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Bonadrone in the investment forum of Edtech in Madrid

Bonadrone in SEK investment forum

On May 9, Bonadrone was present at the Edtech investment forum organized by SEKLab, Edutechcluster and MADban. The forum was focused on Startups that will add value to the education sector. Bonadrone was awarded as one of the Startups that could contribute the most value to education in the coming months. Also thank CICAE, SiteGround and Camilo José Cela University for their support to this type of initiatives.

Josep Tomàs Vergés (CEO) -

Drones as an educational tool to facilitate the adoption of "IT" and "STEM"

Drones as an educational tool to facilitate the adoption of IT and STEM

We would like to invite you to know our educational drones printed in 3D at the fair Yomo Barcelona 2018 on March 1 at the Instròniks stand with whom we have started a collaboration. On the other hand, you can also visit us at the Mobile World Congress 2018 between February 26 and March 1 at Hall 8.0 Stand 8.0G25.

Mobile World Congress 2018 Logo & Yomo Barcelona Logo

Bonadrone aims to provide educational tools to teachers to facilitate the adoption of IT or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) generating motivation among students and capturing their attention. The central part of the process is to empower teachers in areas such as CAD design, 3D printing, electronics or programming, among others.

The tools we offer are made up of a physical part; a robot manufactured with 3D printing and a software part; an educational platform that offers to the teachers: documentation, video tutorials and practical exercises to develop their own course or activities in a practical and intuitive way around IT and STEM.

For more information you can read the article published in the Financial Times where our project is described.

Àlex Cazorla Solà (CIO) -

Mosquito 150, a drone for educational robotics

Mosquito 150, an educational drone

We present the drone Mosquito 150, a drone that has been developed with the educational world in mind. This new drone is smaller than its bigger brother, the Mosquito 450. As remarkable features we find that the Mosquito 150 is partially manufactured with 3D printing, this means that it can be printed in class or at home in a easy and convenient way. On the other hand it includes teaching material to work different STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields that can be taught through this drone, in addition the assembly, configuration and use manuals are also included. This teaching material can be used by the teachers as a guide or as a basis for teaching easily technology courses without having to develop their own course, so we want to facilitate teaching around the Mosquito 150 kit. This is just the beginning for this new drone, different developments are in course, we will keep you informed.

BonaDrone Team

BonaDrone collaborates with a UPC Master degree

BonaDrone collaborates with a UPC Master degree

Bonadrone collaborates with UPC (Politechnical University of Catalonia) in the Master's degree (Applications and Technologies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems)".Our Mosquito 450 is used in this Master in order to introduce students to the drones world.

BonaDrone Team

BonaDrone in "The Drone Show 2017"

BonaDrone in The Drone Show 2017 at Barcelona

BonaDrone will be present at the event "The Drone Show 2017" on 22nd and 23rd March from 10am to 9pm, it will take place in "Fira de Barcelona (Montjuïc), Pavilion 1".
We invite you to visit our STAND "S1". You can get your free entry through the following link .

Find below the timetables for the different conferences:
March 22: check timetables
March 23: check timetables

Hope see you at The Drone Show 2017!
BonaDrone Team

Partnership with OnPoynt

BonaDrone partnership with OnPoynt

BonaDrone designer and manufacturer of DIY Drones (do it yourself) and OnPoynt, innovators in the world of drones for education, businesses and communities want to announce a strategic alliance. Together we are co-innovating in the world of DIY Drones and education based on STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Also, OnPoynt will be our official distributor in the United States, so at this time people can directly contact OnPoynt to purchase our products. We are very pleased to announce this strategic partnership with OnPoynt and will work to ensure a brilliant future.

OnPoynt website:

BonaDrone Team

BonaDrone in the science week of SES Vallbona d'Anoia

BonaDrone a l'institut SES Vallbona d'Anoia

A few days ago and thanks to the invitation of SES Vallbona, BonaDrone participated in the week of science in the institute of our town, Vallbona d'Anoia.

It was a great day: the day passed during a morning in which we could explain robotics, drones and 3D printing to the students of 2nd ESO: the pillars of BonaDrone. There was also a workshop for the assembly of the Mosquito drone.

From BonaDrone we continue working to offer new things day by day and to be able to contribute with new materials in the educational sector.

BonaDrone Team

Anoia Tast Tech 2016 - Sharing knowledge

BonaDrone at Anoia Tast Tech

On October 15 we attended to the first edition of Anoia Tast Tech, the event was organized by CRP, Inquiet and TicAnoia.
During Saturday morning the gates of Igualada Leather Museum was opened to bring new technologies to education. Attendance was a success that we hope to repeat again the next year.
From BonaDrone we want to thank you for the invitation to CRP.

BonaDrone Team

XVI Meeting on TIC in Education - Technology in the Real World Learning

BonaDrone was present at the event organized by CCEMS

On July 8th, BonaDrone was present at the event organized by CCEMS (Centro de Competència entre Mar e Serra) "XVI Encontro sobre as TIC na Educação - A Tecnologia na Aprendizagem do Mundo Real" in Portugal, Leiria. The event consisted of a series of technology conferences focused on improving education through new technologies. In the event attended by about 300 teachers from different schools in Portugal.
BonaDrone would like to thank the invitation to attend by the CCEMS.

BonaDrone Team

Milestone 12/12: "Presentation of BonaDrone in Vallbona d'Anoia"

On Saturday April 9th conducted a presentation event in Vallbona d'Anoia. We want to thank all the people who attended the event (about 100 people) their presence. The event started at 11:30 am and began with a brief presentation of the company and its history.

Finally the IndieGoGo campaign was presented to attendees. After the explanation and introduction to BonaDrone concept, we prepared some tables with different themes to explain to users how to design and manufacture our Mosquitos and also so that people could collaborate in the campaign IndieGoGo.

The event was a success and we are very pleased with the reception given by all!

Thank you very much,
BonaDrone Team

Milestone 11/12: "We are already on IndieGoGo!!"

Steps to Indiegogo - Milestone 11/12

The countdown is over, the launching day is here, April 6th 2016!

We have already launched our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo ( during the past month we have explained you various aspects of our project, now you can discover the whole project on the IndieGoGo page.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed reaching this point and that you could share it with your friends.

If you want to get a perk, we encourage to buy it on the first days of the campaign, among those who participated during the first two days of the campaign, we will raffle a personalized drone frame!!

BonaDrone Team

Milestone 10/12: "Looking forward!"

Steps to Indiegogo - Milestone 10/12

Only left four days to the launch of our campaign on IndieGoGo and it is time to look to the future with enthusiasm, we want to present you the ideas that we have if we reach our funding goals:

  • 60.000 € - Thanks to new techniques in 3D printing, we can print in two colors the different parts, such as the logo and the cover.
  • 100.000 € - Developing the "First Person View" (FPV), to see the world from a drone view.
  • 180.000 € - Develop a retract system to pull up the legs during the flight and clear vision of the camera.
  • 300.000 € - Evolve the "Mosquito" to a Octocopter (8 arms drone) to increase stability and secure, all based on the initial Mosquito frame.

They are ambitious goals but we really wanted to reach them and we are working to make this possible.

Thanks for your support!,
BonaDrone Team

Milestone 9/12: "BonaDrone behind the scenes"

Only a week to our launching on Indiegogo and we want to show an introduction of our promotional video.

On the following link ( you can watch the making off of our promotional video, we hope you like it. Help us to spread our project, it is very important for us to have a great launch on April 6th.

To those interested in, remember that next April 9th will hold an event in our town, Vallbona d'Anoia. You can register at the following link:

Thanks for your collaboration,
BonaDrone Team

Milestone 8/12: "You are BonaDrone"

Steps to Indiegogo - Milestone 8/12

At BonaDrone we have always argued from the beginning, that the user must have the lead role to enjoy more the experience of having a drone. Flying a Mosquito is just part of the adventure as the role of the user has started much earlier: customization, features, installation, training ... This philosophy is a statement of intent of the BonaDrone team and we want to take to the extreme.

We believe, that the user apart from choosing between a certain options previously thought by BonaDrone's team. The user must have the capacity and the right to decide which options want to be present in a future. That's why a main place of our website is intended to show the development ideas that people have, for the rest of the users can vote and comment them. Every so often, the BonaDrone team is committed to develop some of the most voted ideas.

We want to grow with you and we want you to be the main character, are you ready?
BonaDrone Team

Milestone 7/12: "One team, one goal!"

BonaDrone members

Today, some weeks after starting this adventure, we think it is a good moment to introduce ourselves so you could discover who is behind this project.

We are five childhood friends who want to improve and especially lovers of new technologies. Our friendship has motivated us to start this project together. The complicity, that unite us, is an incentive to go further and do not stop.

Alex → The visionary, computer engineer, always willing to improve and give new ideas, his insistence is always helpful.

Pep → The designer, industrial engineer, is the heart of the project, with a great spirit of invention, he is the force that always push the team.

Jordi → The mechanic, always wants to help, he is the responsible that all the drones are in perfect condition.

Dani → The connector, computer engineer, gives another point of view, his wit and positivism help to round out the job done.

Josep → The communicator, industrial engineer, with innovation skills, does not miss anything, always finds ways to get what we propose.

BonaDrone Team

Milestone 6/12: "DIY Mosquito"

Steps to Indiegogo - Milestone 6/12

It is said that the best way to learn about a specific subject is practicing that matter, making it yourself. DIY is the acronym for "do it yourself", a concept born from this desire to learn. People have the urge to discover new things every day: art, science, nature, technology, music...

In BonaDrone we feel this urge to learn and, at the same time, to show the acquired knowledge. To understand by practicing how a drone can be mounted and configured. We would like to share this experience with those starting out (to smooth the way) as well as with those who have already initiated their path (to share goals and dreams).

We want you to Do It Yourself! Are you ready for the challenge?
BonaDrone Team

Milestone 5/12: "Same as all? No, do it unique!"

Steps to Indiegogo - Milestone 5/12

Why settle for a drone like the one everyone has?

As you know our drone is based on 3D printing technology which allows us to obtain a fully modular drone but also customizable. In few words, you can make your drone unique in the world.

Choose the color you like and decide what logo you would like to put on the main deck of your Mosquito. Once you've customized it, choose the utility that you will give to your drone on each flight, using the accessory that suits you: A gimbal, a hook, a FPV (First Person View)…

Do you think it is not enough? Well, there's more! From BonaDrone we want to help DIY Drones ( community and make it bigger, so we want the users to decide our future developments.

Today, a drone has plenty of utilities: inspect, record video and image, transport, analyze, entertain, among others.

How do you want to be your Mosquito?
BonaDrone Team

Milestone 4/12: "The 3D printing world"

Steps to Indiegogo - Milestone 4/12

The imagination is an unlimited source of ideas and inventions that has offered the humanity amazing creation throughout history. Unfortunately, there are a lot of these inventions that have probably remained in their inventors' mind because of the inability to manufacture them. Traditional manufacturing processes are expensive and are attached to high investments.

3D printing has changed the manufacturing paradigm. It allow us to print whatever we imagined at a low cost and right in your office desktop. Having a factory able to produce what you imagine right at your office is a fact that even the most optimistic had ever dreamt.

In BonaDrone we have a child illusion for being able to offer the Mosquito: a drone that, thanks to 3D printing, is modular, repairable and infinite. Infinite because like imagination, the functions that you can give it have no limits.

Are you ready to imagine?
BonaDrone Team

Milestone 3/12: "Drones are every day more useful"

Steps to Indiegogo - Milestone 3/12

Drones are becoming increasingly present in our daily lives, until recent times almost we never heard about drones and now we can often watch them on TV or see a drone flying.

Currently are emerging exciting new functionalities, the first one that comes to our minds is to take pictures and record videos, but we can find another ones. In the field of precision agriculture are used to improve the performance of the fields, Amazon and other large companies like DHL are testing drones for shipments. They are also used in emergency situations, such as in maritime salvage or in inaccessible areas.

In BonaDrone we believe that this trend cannot be turned back and the drones sector will be very important in the future.

Search and find the most useful functionality for you,
BonaDrone Team

Milestone 2/12: "Meet the BonaDrone experience"

Steps to Indiegogo - Milestone 2

In the BonaDrone team we like to take our own decisions and determine our future. We feel that our thinking is not exclusive.

Therefore, we want all those people who choose to be part of this adventure feel the same way: they can choose all parts of their drone and their ideas will have an impact on future and present decisions of BonaDrone. Also they can feel identified with improvements or modifications that others have proposed.

The BonaDrone experience is be part of this community and discover that the Mosquito is a live drone, able to evolve without limits. What matters is what you decide, what you want the Mosquito to be.

Enjoy the experience,
BonaDrone Team

Milestone 1/12: "Route to Indiegogo"

Coming soon page Indiegogo

Join now on our way to Indiegogo.

We are preparing the Indiegogo campaign, a crowdfunding platform, where on the 6th April we will start this new adventure. The goal is to share our project and get the sufficient funding to continue developing our idea.

From now you can follow our steps, so we have prepared the “Coming soon” on Indiegogo where you can subscribe to receive all the news.

Thank you very much,
Bonadrone Team

The history of BonaDrone

Evolution of our drones

While we are preparing the Indiegogo campaign, we would like to keep you updated explaining part of our history. BonaDrone begins in late 2014 buying the necessary spare parts to assemble our first drone and learn its technology, we named “Frankenstein” due to its bad looking and its metallic structure.

Our next step was designing and assembling of our first prototype based on 3D Printing, but it was too heavy to have a good flying time and control, even so it was useful to discover the amazing and complicate path in front of us. In summer 2015 appears the first prototype of our “Mosquito”.

Finally after many tests and hours of investigation in November 2015 we create final prototype of our “Mosquito”.

BonaDrone would like to thank your patience while we are preparing our Indiegogo campaign.

Kind Regards,
BonaDrone Team.

BonaDrone will be on Indiegogo

Indiegogo logo

Following the launch of our website, from BonaDrone we want to continue working to consolidate our project. So we decided to prepare a campaign on Indiegogo that will allow us to continue walking (or flying in our case). We believe in our project and we want to share it with you. The campaign will present new products as rewards for those who choose to enroll in this new adventure.

Proceeds from Indiegogo will be used to expand our machinery and to deliver faster our Drones (also to send the rewards to all our "backers").

We plan to launch the campaign in late January 2016, pay attention because there will be news about new products and new accessories for our Mosquito.

Thanks for your support,
BonaDrone Team.

BonaDrone on Skylab Flight Systems

Skylab flight systems site

We are so happy because Skylab Flight Systems has published an article about BonaDrone, explaining how we get here, who we are and which are our future ideas. At this starting point is a great motivation that someone trust in our project and they want to explained to their lectors.

Skylab Flight Systems Site

Thanks Kevin,
BonaDrone Team.

Welcome to BonaDrone

BonaDrone Team

Finally, the time to make it public has come! We have been waiting for this moment a long time and, at the end, it has arrived!

BonaDrone are five childhood friends passionate about technology. We have been playing around with 3D printing and drones for a while. Now, we are willing to show you our project which unifies these two technologies. We want to learn more, do more, and we want you to join us for this journey.

We think that drones are not only the experience of flying but also to learn how they work and why. We thought that the best way to start the journey was a few steps behind; assembling the gadget that you will later love flying. Besides, for those who would like something different, we provide interchangeable accessories to make the experience more exciting.

BonaDrone team wishes you enjoy this experience as much as we do.

BonaDrone Team,
Àlex, Dani, Pep, Jordi i Josep