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Mosquito 150, a drone for educational robotics

Mosquito 150, an educational drone

We present the drone Mosquito 150, a drone that has been developed with the educational world in mind. This new drone is smaller than its bigger brother, the Mosquito 450. As remarkable features we find that the Mosquito 150 is partially manufactured with 3D printing, this means that it can be printed in class or at home in a easy and convenient way. On the other hand it includes teaching material to work different STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields that can be taught through this drone, in addition the assembly, configuration and use manuals are also included. This teaching material can be used by the teachers as a guide or as a basis for teaching easily technology courses without having to develop their own course, so we want to facilitate teaching around the Mosquito 150 kit. This is just the beginning for this new drone, different developments are in course, we will keep you informed.

BonaDrone Team

BonaDrone collaborates with a UPC Master degree

BonaDrone collaborates with a UPC Master degree

Bonadrone collaborates with UPC (Politechnical University of Catalonia) in the Master's degree (Applications and Technologies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems)".Our Mosquito 450 is used in this Master in order to introduce students to the drones world.

BonaDrone Team

BonaDrone in "The Drone Show 2017"

BonaDrone in The Drone Show 2017 at Barcelona

BonaDrone will be present at the event "The Drone Show 2017" on 22nd and 23rd March from 10am to 9pm, it will take place in "Fira de Barcelona (Montjuïc), Pavilion 1".
We invite you to visit our STAND "S1". You can get your free entry through the following link .

Find below the timetables for the different conferences:
March 22: check timetables
March 23: check timetables

Hope see you at The Drone Show 2017!
BonaDrone Team

Partnership with OnPoynt

BonaDrone partnership with OnPoynt

BonaDrone designer and manufacturer of DIY Drones (do it yourself) and OnPoynt, innovators in the world of drones for education, businesses and communities want to announce a strategic alliance. Together we are co-innovating in the world of DIY Drones and education based on STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Also, OnPoynt will be our official distributor in the United States, so at this time people can directly contact OnPoynt to purchase our products. We are very pleased to announce this strategic partnership with OnPoynt and will work to ensure a brilliant future.

OnPoynt website:

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BonaDrone in the science week of SES Vallbona d'Anoia

BonaDrone a l'institut SES Vallbona d'Anoia

A few days ago and thanks to the invitation of SES Vallbona, BonaDrone participated in the week of science in the institute of our town, Vallbona d'Anoia.

It was a great day: the day passed during a morning in which we could explain robotics, drones and 3D printing to the students of 2nd ESO: the pillars of BonaDrone. There was also a workshop for the assembly of the Mosquito drone.

From BonaDrone we continue working to offer new things day by day and to be able to contribute with new materials in the educational sector.

BonaDrone Team

Anoia Tast Tech 2016 - Sharing knowledge

BonaDrone at Anoia Tast Tech

On October 15 we attended to the first edition of Anoia Tast Tech, the event was organized by CRP, Inquiet and TicAnoia.
During Saturday morning the gates of Igualada Leather Museum was opened to bring new technologies to education. Attendance was a success that we hope to repeat again the next year.
From BonaDrone we want to thank you for the invitation to CRP.

BonaDrone Team

XVI Meeting on TIC in Education - Technology in the Real World Learning

BonaDrone was present at the event organized by CCEMS

On July 8th, BonaDrone was present at the event organized by CCEMS (Centro de Competència entre Mar e Serra) "XVI Encontro sobre as TIC na Educação - A Tecnologia na Aprendizagem do Mundo Real" in Portugal, Leiria. The event consisted of a series of technology conferences focused on improving education through new technologies. In the event attended by about 300 teachers from different schools in Portugal.
BonaDrone would like to thank the invitation to attend by the CCEMS.

BonaDrone Team