How to fly safe?

Learning how to fly safely should be your number one priority. Some things will happen that are outside of your control, but you can put yourself in the best possible position by following these recommendations. Let’s get started.

It is your responsibility

Remember that damage caused by your drone is always going to be your responsibility. Keep away from things that are easily damaged or valuable, especially when you’re starting out.

Country's regulations

Make sure you know the specific regulations regarding drone flight in your country.

Choose your country to know the regulation regarding the flight of unmanned systems.

The propellers of a 3D-printed Quadcopter

Take care with the propellers of the 3D Quadcopter. As you might expect, they can cause severe injuries. You should keep a safe distance from your 3D Quadcopter at all times, and for God’s sake, do not fly it towards your, or anybody else’s head.

Check your 3D-printed Quadcopter

Check the state of your 3D Quadcopter before you take off. Ensure all propellers are well secured, the battery is charged and that there are no damaged parts.

GPS signal

Before take off, make sure that the 3D Quadcopter have received the GPS signal.

Emergency situations

Whenever you are using the automatic functions of the 3D Quadcopter, be sure to have the remote control close to you in case of an emergency situation. It’ll then be easy to take full control just incase.

Visual contact

Alwayskeep your drone within sight. That’s probably the best way to fly safe. Do not let the 3D Quadcopter fly away into the distance.

Fly under 200 meters

Try to fly under an altitude of 200 meters to avoid any contact with other aircraft. Your country is likely to have strict rules on exactly how high you can go, so check them out.

Keep 30 meters to any other person

Always keep 30 meters between the 3D Quadcopter and other people, vehicles or buildings. With this distance you have enough space if things go wrong.

Stay away from airports

To avoid conflict between the 3D Quadcopter and other aircraft, always fly 10 kilometers away from any airport and restricted airspace.

Do not fly under the influence

Do not use the 3D Quadcopter under the influence of alcohol.

Emergency situations

GPS signal lost

If the GPS signal is lost during a flight, keep up the 3D Quadcopter up until the recovery.

Radio signal lost

If the 3D Quadcopter loses the radio signal during a mission. It will return to the take off position and land automatically.

Low battery

When the battery is lower than 25% the 3D Quadcopter will automatically land.