Learning by doing

STEM - New technologies, new education programs


The STEM programs are a distinguishing feature in each school or college. Make your center differs from others teaching the most innovative technologies

B onaDrone offers an educational environment for teaching technology and robotics through drones. This environment aims to teach concepts related to CAD design, 3D printing, electronics, basic (block) or advanced (code) programming and to encourage more cross-cutting activities using drones. BonaDrone adapts to the different educational needs of the centers by offering its own KITs that include teaching material focused on the above mentioned concepts.

BonaDrone's intention is for students to be able to start from the beginning the process of production and use of drones. Everything begins in the design of the structure of the drone and the subsequent 3D impression. To close the manufacturing cycle, students can assemble and configure the drone with the help of manuals. With the drone mounted there is the possibility to program the drone flight through Scratch or Python and even directly program the flight controller (a more advanced level). In addition, BonaDrone drones have been equipped with "Plug & Play" accessories to carry out additional activities, such as: 3-axis stabilizer for GoPro-type cameras, hooks for carrying objects, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, etc.

The Mosquito family, drones to learn

Fits with your education needs
Mosquito drone

Print it at the school

The frame of the drones are based on 3D printing what makes that you can print it at your center, you only need a 3D printer


Transversal tool

Fits with to different subjects, BonaDrone helps you combine it within your educational program: Mechanics, Electronics, Physics, Technology, Computer Programming, and Multimedia Projects


Personalize it!

The 3D printing allows you change the color of the frame, choosing accessories or modify the various logos that have the drones. Students can make their imagination and create their own drone

Discover all the possibilities offered by BonaDrone

Product for all the people

Adaptable projects

BonaDrone designs the necessary teaching materials to use our Mosquito drones as a teaching tool. The schools (regulated and out-of-school) are the ones that decide what agenda they want to teach and how they will do it

Adaptable educational project

Create your educational project

The Mosquito is a tool kit that will allow us to create a transversal educational project unique and exclusive to each school because the schools are who decide how to teach classes and course content. BonaDrone provides a number of resources and tools to develop the syllabus of the subject field project in question.

The program could contain the following topics:

  • Mechanics and design
    • Assembly
    • 3D printing design
    • 3D design
  • New technologies
    • Drones and responsible use
    • 3D printing
    • Robotics
  • Electronics and programming
    • Sensors
    • Accessories
    • Programming

You choose how to teach

BonaDrone Courses

If the teachers need support to implement this kind of programs, BonaDrone offers preparation courses to teach with drones in the school and in the out-of-school environment

Mosquito programable with Python or Scratch

Program your own drone

The drones Mosquito are an ideal tool for beginners in the world of programming. Depending on the age of the students they will be able to program with Python or DroneBlocks (Scratch). The drones provide an extra incentive to start with the programming world because you can see the result of orders in real time

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