A transversal tool for educational field

Learn all concepts related with robotics

Work as a team with a final target

The students create their own product from the beginning


The STEAM in a drone

Educate based on projects and teach STEM

What offers Bonadrone?

Kits Mosquito

Drone kits

  • 3D printing
  • Modular kit
  • CAD design
Bonadrone platform

Educational software

  • Educational challenges & projects
  • Coding platform for blocks and Python
  • Assembly manuals

In what subjects can I use it?

A transversal tool linked to the school curriculum

What teaching support do I have?


  • Guided step by step
  • Assembly and connections
  • Learn to fly


  • Sensors
  • Validations
  • Remote controller


  • Classroom dynamization
  • Teacher's support materials
  • 50 teaching hours in total


  • Classroom dynamization
  • Between 3 and 5 teaching hours
  • 30 teaching hours in total

Features Mosquito kits

Open design files

Programmable with blocks and Python

+80 teaching hours in projects and challenges

Easily repairable


4 students for each kit from 10 years

Our clients

Some of the schools we work with national and internationally
American School Barcelona logo
Escola Paidos
Escola La Vall
Fundació Llor Sant Boi
Institut Anna Gironella de Mundet
Escola Rosella
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - UPC
Colegio Internacional Levante
Tecnolegoris centre extraescolars
Centro Santa Catalina
SEK International School

The media

What do the media say about Bonadrone
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