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3D printed quadcopter


DIY drone - The only limit is your imagination

Customize, modify, assemble and learn with your own 3D-printed Quadcopter. Discover a new way to explore the skies. Configure your drone

DIY drone

Start your drone adventure from scratch! You decide how much you want to customize your 3D-printed Quadcopter and which accessories to use. You can also suggest your own accessories and products for the future.

Smart Drone

The 3D-printed Quadcopter has GPS incorporated, which means that it’s capable of performing autonomous missions and following you using a telemetry system. These are just two of several smart features. It can be controlled from a remote control or any tablet, laptop or smartphone.

A team ready to help

Our team is always available to you, so you can learn with us. You can easily contact us with any questions you may have. You can just sit back and relax.

3D Quadcopter

Make the most of our unique combination of two exciting technological trends. Thanks to advances in 3D printing technology, our drones are truly different to anything else on the market. In addition, new components will become available as they are developed, so you can add to your drone, repair it and personalize it with ease. Add new accessories to your drone, repair it, personalize it with an ease that you wouldn't believe.

Continuous improvement

We work continuously to offer new accessories for your 3D-printed Quadcopter, alongside our ambition to keep launching new products.

You choose what’s in the box

Ready to fly

Ready from the boxFully assembled

Connect the battery and discover all your 3D-printed Quadcopter has to offer! Our fully assembled Mosquito drone is designed for those who want to hit the ground running! This Quadcopter is totally configured, including the remote control. If you want, you can change any settings through Mission Planner (Windows) or APM Planner (OS).

Build your own drone

Assemble it!Enjoy building your own drone

It may sound a little daunting, but building your own drone from scratch is incredibly rewarding. And you won't be alone. We will be there to guide you step by step through the construction process. As well giving us more time to develop exciting new products and accessories, receiving your drone in pieces gives you the opportunity to discover the technology for yourself and be part of the magic!

Print your drone

Print it yourselfEnjoy the entire manufacturing process

Do you like the world of 3D printing or you own a 3D printer? Now we offer the possibility to print your own drone.Bonadrone provide all the necessary tools and you only need to print, mount and configure your drone following Bonadrone manuals. Are you ready to build and configure your own drone?

Discover new technologies

3D printer

3D PrintingA new way to create products

3D printing is changing the way we manufacture products. With this new concept we can print any part we imagine at a very low cost. The savings are then passed on to you.

3D-printed Quadcopter

3D-printed Quadcopter How does it work?

Drones are one of the most technologically advanced products out there at the moment. Now you can help design, customize it or change its functionality completely. BonaDrone introduces you to a whacky combination of the very latest in technology: 3D printing + Quadcopters.


OnPoynt partnership
Partnership with OnPoynt

BonaDrone designer and manufacturer of DIY Drones (do it yourself) and OnPoynt, innovators in the world of drones for education, businesses and communities want to announce a strategic alliance. Together we are co-innovating in the world of DIY Drones and education based on STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Also, OnPoynt will be our official distributor in the United States, so at this time people can directly contact OnPoynt to purchase our products. We are very pleased to announce this strategic partnership with OnPoynt and will work to ensure a brilliant future.

OnPoynt website:

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BonaDrone Promo
BonaDrone behind the scenes
La impressió 3D arriba al món dels drons
Droning in the mountain
Presentation of BonaDrone in Vallbona d'Anoia